O’ Hara & Harrison Electrical Contractors have over 35 years of experience in the installation, connecting and commissioning of Fire Alarm Systems.
Our Installations range from Retail Shops and Offices to Colleges, Hospitals and Domestic Homes. We carry out all our installations in accordance with all codes of practice and regulations.
There are two types of fire alarm systems :-
1. Conventional system
2. Analogue Addressable system

Conventional fire alarm systems:
This system is normally used in small retail shops, offices,restaurants and bars and has met all the regulations that are required. Conventional systems have been around for many years and will remain to in the future as they meet the requirements and owners or clients are not going to have a big cost outlay for such a dependable fire alarm system.


Analogue addressable fire alarm systems:
This type of system is normally used in hospitals, schools, large office’s and government building’s. This system is advanced, reliable and will identify at the fire alarm panel the exact location of the device that has triggered the panel to go into alarm.


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