Environmental Policy

O’ Hara Harrison Electrical Contractors will protect, care for, and continually improve the environment by complying with relevant legislation and requirements, and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System that enables us to create a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations and ourselves.

At O’ Hara Harrison Electrical Contractors, we recognise the importance of safeguarding the environment wherever we conduct our business.

Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

To comply with environmental laws and regulations.
To conduct our operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the quality of the environment.
To cooperate with European, state, and local governments in analyzing emerging environmental issues, finding solutions to environmental problems.

To respond quickly and effectively to environmental incidents involving O’ Hara Harrison Electrical Contractors facilities, accidents or incidents to, people, equipment, environment or products under our control.
To provide environmental training programs for employees, emphasising individual responsibility for sound environmental management.
To maintain corporate and departmental environmental monitoring programs to ensure compliance with O’ Hara Harrison Electrical Contractors policy and governmental requirements.
Ensure that our employees and contractors are aware of their environmental responsibilities
Optimise our use of energy and resources through efficiency gains and recycling
We have continuous commitment to:
Promote sustainable development through initiatives that reduce energy, materials, waste and pollution, and to investigate alternative forms of energy in line with national guidance. Protect the public from dangerous substances and unsafe products and set a good example by checking the environmental acceptability of products used by O’ Hara Harrison Electrical Contractors. And finally, undertake procedures to review this policy and to keep up with environmental policies both nationally and internationally in order to continuously improve the company’s environmental performance.

This policy is distributed to all designated Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, and shall be available at locations where this company carries on business.

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