Data Cabling

O Hara & Harrison Electrical Contractors covers design, installation, testing and commissioning of data and communication cabling systems and includes a comprehensive range of data cabling solutions to suit your needs. Testing and certification are the most important steps in any cable installation. Our company comprises of certified and experienced data cablers, who have the ability to efficiently design and implement a network plan for your entire office or building.
As data cabling can experience severe congestion during peak user times, resulting in slower transfer performance and a higher possibility for system crashes, our cablers can construct and install a cost effective solution designed to suit your business’ layout and structure.

Cat5e Cabling: Cat5e cabling still takes primary position in today’s expanding establishments as it is a simple and reliable method of installation, which creates a solution to any telephone or data network.
Cat6 Cabling: Cat6 cabling is a high band cable which is able to withstand higher bandwidths and data flows. This ensures a larger data transfer between computers, servers or gateways at a rapid rate.
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